Louisiana Dis-Orientation
An event for all public interest law school students in Louisiana. We want to extend an invitation to your students to the Louisiana NLG “Dis-Orientation.” This event is catered toward forward thinkers who are concerned that the whole picture as a future community-minded lawyer won’t be taught in a classroom. The Dis-Orientation will be held Saturday, February 26, 2011 from 10-3 at the Loyola Law campus. Whether NLG members or not, all interested students are welcome to attend.

We have three goals for the event. First, the event is geared toward helping 1Ls get through their first year with their social justice and public interest ideals intact! For 2 and 3Ls, this event is designed to foster continued motivation toward public interest. Third, the event brings together public interest law students from all four schools, which has not been done in the past. Overall, we seek to connect the social justice legal community across generations for mentorship through law school and beyond.

Saturday’s activities will include

  • Attorneys speaking on ways to stay in touch with social justice through law school
  • Networking and career discussions with public interest attorneys working in Louisiana
  • Lunch! Films and conversation
  • Hands-on activities, such as open discussions, critical perspectives on law school doctrine, and the nuts-and-bolts of starting and sustaining a private practice
  • Connections with other law students in Louisiana who want to work as people’s lawyers after graduation
  • We will close the event in time to catch the Mardi Gras parades or meet up for drinks with other law students and lawyers

Limited free housing to out of town guests available for Saturday night.

For a complete schedule, click here!