Help Defend Dissent: Volunteers Needed for RNC and DNC Protests

Dear Friends:

As the energy of the Occupy movement continues to be felt throughout
the United States, the upcoming Republican and Democratic National
Conventions stand to be the next focal point of outrage at politics as
usual, and the National Lawyers Guild would not miss it for the world.

The NLG plans to mobilize in support of protests in both Tampa,
Florida for the RNC to be held August 27 to 30, 2012, and in Charlotte, North Carolina for the DNC to be held September 3 to 6, 2012. We will have crews of Legal
Observers® on the ground in both places, backed by volunteer legal
teams and 24-hour hotlines.

Our presence at mass protest events like these has an immeasurable
impact towards safeguarding the rights of free speech and assembly,
but we can’t do it without the help of people like you.

The NLG is looking for volunteers to be part of our Legal Observer®
team, to provide Know Your Rights trainings, to help with emergency
response in our legal support offices, and to defend protesters facing
criminal charges. 

Visit the NLG’s event websites at and
for dates, times, and locations of upcoming trainings, and to sign up
to volunteer. Don’t delay; the conventions are less than a month away.

In solidarity,

The National Lawyers Guild


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